Scout App

Imagine a gamified App with constant challenges in several difficulty levels. Badges, Leaderboard, Geo-localization and more. Check this awesome video to see what I am talking about. Is just awesome!

HALBINSEL: Designs in Germany, from Spain


I really enjoy good design, designers are in permanent fight against ugliness some, make our lives better others. They always want to solve problems with the best methods and technique, finding better answers in the way. In furniture design as example, there is more than chairs, lamps or tables. Designers show us a way of living.

Game warden shelter (Gallery)

Truss Furniture series

Let´s Begin with a single picture


Do you like it?

This furniture was designed by a friends of mine, Carlos Castro and Maria José Franco. The idea came when both of them were studying in Barcelona two years ago. They decided to create a firm where good design, architecture and sustainability works through Parametric Design and Digital Manufacturing. In this way DESIGN[IO] was born. In their own words:

Disruption by design

Kate Canales is a Creative Director at Frog, an specialized Design Firma. In this TED presentation she show us something important about design; Everyone is a designer and design is not only about the thing, but what this things make us do.