Disruption by design

Kate Canales is a Creative Director at Frog, an specialized Design Firma. In this TED presentation she show us something important about design; Everyone is a designer and design is not only about the thing, but what this things make us do.

She begins his speech with several examples about certain things and most importantly: Behavior related to this things. The Shape, the color, the texture or scale is not that important as what are the consequences of these things in ours, thus how change our behavior.

Design is not about the thing, but what the thing make us do.

This concept as an introduction of her message and works when tries to clarify what is Disruption. A destructive process? A paradigm change in how we see the design process? Like the sculptor who destroys the stone -the steel, the wood, the material- making his work. But here, the material is the world, our world and how we can change our attitude to reshape it. Presentation ends with words from Gandhi:

If we could change ourselves the tendencies in the world would also change.

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