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I really enjoy good design, designers are in permanent fight against ugliness some, make our lives better others. They always want to solve problems with the best methods and technique, finding better answers in the way. In furniture design as example, there is more than chairs, lamps or tables. Designers show us a way of living.

HALBINSEL is a platform which helps projection and commercialization of Spanish Design in Germany. Is a commercial agency, like a bridge between the work of young and experienced designers and the german market, in their own words:

HALBINSEL is about bringing together our passion for product design and the affection we feel for our roots. It is about transmitting this passion and building relations upon the belief that we can serve as a bridge between a design culture that has been acclaimed internationally and the country where we have developed as professionals and individuals.

This company was founded in 2012 by Javier Benitez and Luis Araujo. They both are living in Germany for more than ten years ago developing their profesional careers, without losing the connection with their country of origin, Spain. In their blog they speak about industrial design in Spain and its connection between the piece, the history and the cultural background. One component of HALBINSEL is in Germany and the other one in Spain. They are specialized in Hospitality, this means, furniture for Nursing homes, Restaurants, Hotels and Offices to mention some examples. As a commercial agency the clients of HALBINSEL are: architects, interior designers, developers like real estate promoters, online stores, and so on.

I checked the webpage and saw a lot of good objects. I like this lamp called Plume made by Yonoh Estudio for Fambuena, this is a reading lamp fleeing the technical aspect of this type of lighting. Manually adjustable height and tilt of the head. Base resin, ash wood pole and aluminum head up this piece.


Lighting is my favorite catalog within HALBINSEL offers. There are another lamp like this one, called Excéntrica I, designed by Alex Fernandez Camps for Fambuena. This is a lamp made to direct light where it is most needed, with a minimum of elements. The floor version and the large screen desktop were pieces developed in the first phase (2009). In 2010 the family extends and a small screen desktop, a lamp designed for work desks and an arch type version appear. Is precisely the lack of elements, the minimalism, the best in this design.


Exist in the HALBINSEL store interesting chairs too. This one is called Green, from the furniture catalog. Designed by Javier Mariscal for Mobles 114, is a robust chair made by 100% recycled plastic. Great, doesn’t it? The polygonal geometry remember me an origami -folded paper- work. Is specially great for little budgets because the material and the manufacturing process are both economical.The Green Chair is a project that was designed with the commitment to be affordable, pleasant and sustainable. If you are interested in this design and hungry to see more, please check This Post published by HALBINSEL.


Let’s make some space for another excellent piece: Butakita. Designed by Antonio Serrano Bulnes for Mad Lab. There are several version of this chair with diverse color choices. But my favorite is this one, with no color. This design is simple, ergonomic and, in my opinion, a little “Zen”. Don’t you think?


The last but my favorite of all is a planning board called Perth, designed by Made Design. I’m against Post it because I think that is the best way to waste paper. You can use it just once! I was looking for an alternative for a long time and now I found it. With Perth you can use magnet pieces instead Post it. There is at least twelve different colors for pieces. Aesthetic, economical and ecological, just great.


Here you have a gallery of this product.

If you liked this post you can check this other one about the Truss Furniture Series, designed and made in Barcelona by a good friends of mine.

Are you an architect, interior designer, real estate developer or have an online store? What are you waiting for? Contact this guys right now, clicking here.

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