Pharmacy for High Cost Drugs


The Pharmacy is part of a Government program, whose bequest is make prescription drugs available for free to patients with complex pathologies (cancer, MS, Gaucher, AIDS, among others). Annexed to the Adolfo Pons Hospital in Maracaibo, Venezuela, the Pharmacy for High Cost Drugs, conceived as a services building, thought to be flexible and adaptable to other contexts through the systemization of processes; from the conceptualization of the building in determined structural modules, to the creation of a coded aesthetic.


We wanted to generate a place with a ‘positive spirit’, a dwelling of shelter where the community, personnel, and most importantly its patients can feel comfortable and at ease. It is why it was imperative to go deeper on certain subjects such as scale (domestic), imagery (beyond institutional), and more so space (of peace and hope). The essential tools used for this purpose were color, lighting and vegetation; both indoors and outside of the building.


This project seeks out an integrative vision between what has been the built environment, and the climate; based on considerations of sustainability and belonging (location, control and optimization of resource usage, building technology and traditional building materials, etc.)


We believe that the design, considering the aforementioned traits, enrich the project and therefore the living experience. Since this is a building for public use in Venezuela, which is a country of ample natural resources but with a population that is not very conscientious of the importance of restrained consumption of said resources; developing that mind frame is one of the main objectives. For this reason the Pharmacy is not only a project with a set of determined conditions, it is thought as an engine of changes; changes towards more responsibility towards the built, towards its users and their surroundings and, in this particular case, of the State as promoter of maintainable and sustainable changes.


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