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This furniture was designed by a friends of mine, Carlos Castro and Maria José Franco. The idea came when both of them were studying in Barcelona two years ago. They decided to create a firm where good design, architecture and sustainability works through Parametric Design and Digital Manufacturing. In this way DESIGN[IO] was born. In their own words:

DESIGN [IO] born with the idea to investigate the potential of using digital tools in architecture, design and implementation of real projects, efficient and self-sustaining.
Digital Architecture faces the difficult step of transferring the computer screen and realize the complexity of its processes. That is why we seek to complement the digital design digital manufacturing, this allows us to experience interactive systems, adaptive and intelligent with amazing results.

You can download a PDF catalogue.


The design shows itself as simple and informal wood made. My favorite details are the joints, This detail is really honest, show the material as it is, no further. About the shape conception they compare some times with nature. Builded with some geometric logic and material optimization.

The Team

Besides Carlos and María José there is more people involved with this firm, like Arq. Federico Pojan owner of CUTS C.A. You can check some of his work here.

Oriol Carrasco and Alba Armengol from SMD Architectes.

Carlos, María José and Federico live in Venezuela. Federico works as advisor and Manufacturing collaborator, The tasks of Carlos and María included Creative Design, Management, Marketing, Photography and Corporate Image. Orial and Alba live in Barcelona, Spain. They are business partners. Involved with marketing, and collaborate in workshops with Carlos and María.

Do you want to see more? Visit their webpage here.

If you are interested about Parametric design check this link or this one.

if you are curious to see how handsome Carlos and María José are, I put here some pictures of them and more.

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